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There are season to sake !?

There is a ” season ” which certain foods are said to be the most delicious. Is there any “ season ” with sake?
We would like to touch on these “seasons” in detail.

Sake is made mainly from winter to early spring and is consumed throughout the year, and its taste changes over time. Of course, […]

The deep relationship between sake and religious rituals

For this issue, we would like to touch on a topic that we usually do not think about – the relationship between sake and religious rituals.

Sake, present in Japan from long ago
It is not clear when the sake was invented, but it is speculated that rice sake was created during the Yayoi period (between 10th […]

Is Nara or Itami the real birthplace of sake?

October 1 was “Sake Day”. In October, new sake begins to be made with new rice, and the sake made in early spring matures and becomes ready to drink, making it a timely season for Japanese sake. It becomes colder in Japan at this time, and it’s a period where you crave sake more than […]

Japanese sake with pizza ? A new way of enjoying sake

Sake is made of rice, rice malt, and water, so doesn’t it naturally go well with Japanese cuisines with rice as its staple food? It’s fruity and smells nice, but there’s no way it goes well with the very Western pizza – this is what many of you must be thinking.
However pizza in actuality goes […]

5 recommended sakes available in the US

It became a hot topic that “washoku” (Japanese food) was registered in 2013 as a world intangible cultural heritage (the purpose is to protect the culture deeply related to the country’s history and customs, and to support understanding of people in other countries).
And sake is attracting attention as a liquor that maximizes the appeal of […]

Regarding the American sake brand “ Sake One ”

Nowadays, it is very easy to eat foreign foods in Japan, and Japanese food is also steadily spreading throughout the world. Sake is no exception, and is advancing overseas.
Not only is it being imported into America, but it is also being made in America.

Today, we would like to introduce “Sake One”, as Japanese sake brand […]

Do you know Konnyaku ?

What Japanese ingredient goes perfectly with Japanese sake??

Food called ” konnyaku ” is eaten throughout the country in Japan. This “konnyaku” is made from konnyaku potatoes, and originates from the Indochina Peninsula. It is said that it was transmitted to Japan during the Heian period. It is treated as a strange ingredient abroad. Foreigners who […]

How to look at label so you never fail when selecting Japanese sake

When choosing Japanese sake, you must first look at the “ label ”. But there is a lot of information on these labels, and we are sure that you must get confused at times regarding what information to actually refer to.
There are many types of Japanese sake, but there are mainly two categories of flavor. […]

How many calories in Japanese sake and plum wine ? How to drink without gaining weight!

Hi everyone! Japanese sake that is sweet and easy to drink has become mainstream recently, and there are more people that choose to drink Japanese sake.
But Japanese sake is made of rice and is sweet, possibly leaving many of you thinking that it may make you put on some extra pounds.
On top of that, plum […]

What is Mino ware (yaki)?

This time we would like to feature a special pottery product that is found in various parts of Japan, mino ware (yaki)! I’m sure most of you have no idea what it is when you hear this word. As opposed to other pottery, mino ware does not have one specific style. Here we go!

History […]

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