5 Cute and unique sake sets 【can be bought on Amazon】

Do you have a strong image that there are many designs such as astringent designs and clearly Japanese designs in sake sets?
In fact, there are many such designs, so they are often chosen as gifts for older people and men who like astringent designs.
For those who do not like astringent designs or clearly Japanese designs, […]

Sake can also be used for cooking! 4 simple sweets recipes

Have you ever been gifted or bought sake, but found it a little unpleasant and difficult to drink until the end, or has it become a bit old and you’re worried about drinking it as it is?
In such a case, it is recommended to use sake for cooking.

What happens if you use sake for cooking?

You […]

5 Sake sets for warm sake 【can be bought on Amazon】

Which vessel is suitable for drinking sake? Where can I get it?
It seems that you can drink it warm, but which one should I use in such cases? I don’t know how to use it.
Can I get it without importing it from Japan?
I’m looking for a gift for my family and friends who like Japanese […]

The pairing of sake with meat is the best! We compared it with red wine.

I like meat dishes such as steak, but do meat dishes go well with sake?
Sake has a strong image of matching fish dishes such as sushi. Does it go well with meat dishes?
After all red wine is best for meat dishes! Unlike wine, sake has a light taste, so it may lose its taste to […]

5 Glass sake sets for cold sake【can be bought on Amazon】

Which vessel is suitable for drinking sake? Where can I get it?
Is it okay to use a wine glass when drinking at room temperature or chilled? Or should I use something better suited for sake?
Can I get it without importing it from Japan?
I’m looking for a gift for people who like alcohol and a gift […]

5 recommended snacks for sake【You can buy on Amazon】

You can easily buy snacks that go well with sake!
There is a strong image that Japanese sake is served as a set with sushi and Japanese food, so do you find it a bit difficult to consider in a country or environment where Japanese food is hard to obtain?
This is actually not the case. Sake […]

Rusk and sake!?

Mmm rusks, so fragrant and sweet. Aren’t there moments where you just crave them?
With this issue we would like to show you good matches between rusk and sake!
There are unsweet rusks such as salty and garlic flavors for snacks, but this time we will introduce combinations of sweet and delicious rusks and sake.

How rusks are […]

Drinks that are good for splitting with sake

How do you usually drink sake?
Are you getting bored of drinking it the same way every time?
If so, we would like to introduce 11 interesting ways of splitting sake.

There are many drinks that make it easier to drink sake with, so please give some of these a try!

* Sake-ness is expressed by the number of […]

There are season to sake !?

There is a ” season ” which certain foods are said to be the most delicious. Is there any “ season ” with sake?
We would like to touch on these “seasons” in detail.

Sake is made mainly from winter to early spring and is consumed throughout the year, and its taste changes over time. Of course, […]

Japanese sake with pizza ? A new way of enjoying sake

Sake is made of rice, rice malt, and water, so doesn’t it naturally go well with Japanese cuisines with rice as its staple food? It’s fruity and smells nice, but there’s no way it goes well with the very Western pizza – this is what many of you must be thinking.
However pizza in actuality goes […]

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