Which vessel is suitable for drinking sake? Where can I get it?
It seems that you can drink it warm, but which one should I use in such cases? I don’t know how to use it.
Can I get it without importing it from Japan?
I’m looking for a gift for my family and friends who like Japanese design and alcohol.

Are you interested in sake but have such troubles?
This article answers those concerns.


Ceramic sake set is recommended for hot sake and warm sake. You can buy it without importing it from Japan.


Sometimes you drink sake warm, but wonder what kind of glass to drink it with.
You can drink sake deliciously at room temperature or cold sake with a wine glass, but for hot or lukewarm sake, we recommend a ceramic sake set.
You can buy sake sets for sake on Amazon without importing them from Japan!
In this article, we will introduce sake sets for hot and lukewarm sake that you can buy at a reasonable price on Amazon, as well as how to use them. Because these are sets, you can enjoy sake immediately.
All of them are made in Japan, so it is recommended as a gift for those who like Japan and those who like drinking sake, and also as a gift for autumn and winter, when warm food is delicious!


5 sake sets for warm sake that you can easily buy on Amazon. Recommended for gifts.

・KCHAIN Extreme Large Ceramic Sake Set with Warmer (Sky Blue)

In addition to sake bottles and tokkuri, it comes with a stove where you can put candles to warm sake. The black stove is a cool design.

It’s a hassle to prepare a lot of cooking utensils. All of these are included in the set, so you can enjoy warm sake as soon as it arrives!
The flames of the candles set the mood, and the capacity of the tokkuri is large, so it is recommended for welcoming guests such as at home parties.


・MyGift 8-piece Japanese Black & Tan Ceramic Sake Serving Set with Warmer

Similar to the above, this is also a type where you can put a candle to warm sake.
This is a slightly straight and neat design. The capacity of the tokkuri is on the small side, so it is suitable when you want to enjoy sake alone or with a small number of people.
The black and simple design makes it suitable for cups of any design. In addition to the set cups, why not combine it with a cup of your favorite design?


・ Fugu pattern sake set

A uniquely designed sake set with “Fugu”, which is popular as a high-class fish in Japan. The material is ceramic.
Fugu is in season in winter, so adding warm sake will make you feel the season and enhance the mood.
It can be used regardless of the temperature of sake, but since the tokkuri’s mouth is small, heat and aroma do not easily escape, and it is easy to heat in hot water.
It can also be heated in the microwave, so it is recommended when you want to enjoy hot or lukewarm sake. In that case, wrap the mouth of the sake bottle with a wrap so that the fragrance does not escape.


・ Rabbit pattern sake set

A sake set with a cute rabbit and a full moon.
It is made of the same ceramic as the fugu pattern design above and can be used in the same way, but this is also recommended as a gift for those who like cute designs.
In Japan, it is customary to view the moon in autumn, and it is said that the pattern of the moon looks like a rabbit. Therefore, the moon and the rabbit are often drawn together. This sake set is also designed with the image of autumn moon viewing, so it makes you feel the season.
There are also sakes such as “Hiyaoroshi” and “Aki-Agari” that are distributed only in autumn. If you drink these with this sake set, it will definitely taste more delicious.



・ Kanji “Magokoro” sake set

It is a sake set with large kanji characters “真心” (magokoro) on the tokkuri. It comes with a very Japanese design that you would expect in a folk tale or picture book. All four cups are different colors, but the same design.
The tokkuri has a large capacity of 15 ounces, so it is recommended for sharing with multiple people such as at home parties.
Since the material is also ceramic, it can be used in the same way as the above-mentioned fugu pattern and rabbit pattern sake set, but since the sake bottle is 6.5 inches tall, we recommend warming it in a water bath rather than a microwave.



How was it?

There are many other sake sets on Amazon.

It’s fun to find a design that suits your taste and the taste of the person  whom you are giving the gift to.