5 snacks go with japanese sake

You can easily buy snacks that go well with sake!

There is a strong image that Japanese sake is served as a set with sushi and Japanese food, so do you find it a bit difficult to consider in a country or environment where Japanese food is hard to obtain?
This is actually not the case. Sake goes well even with slightly junk food.
There are many snacks that go well with sake, which you can easily obtain on Amazon and supermarkets you usually use!
This post introduces snacks that go well with sake that you can buy on Amazon.
Why don’t you take advantage and enjoy sake?

5 recommended snacks you can buy on Amazon

・Potato chips

Potato chips can be bought anywhere at any time. There is an image that it is a classic junk snack, and there are few people who dare to match it with sake.
However, contrary to that image, it goes very well with sake.
The umami of the potatoes and the lingering fattiness in the aftertaste is truly something else. The saltiness of potato chips is softened by the sweetness of sake, and the taste is enhanced.


It is a snack with shrimp kneaded into the dough. Since seafood goes well with sake, of course this snack goes perfectly with sake as well.
Similar to potato chips, the taste and saltiness of shrimp is softened by the sweetness of sake, giving it a more delicious taste.


Chocolate has a strong image that it goes well with western alcohol such as brandy and whiskey, but it also goes well with sake.
Both sake and chocolate are fermented foods, so they go well together.
It’s basically good with any type chocolate, but we recommend starting with sweet milk chocolate or white chocolate with no bitterness and mildness.
There are also chocolates made using sake.


Nuts – a classic snack.
Actually, they don’t really match warm sake, so it is recommended to match with cold sake.
Among nuts, pistachio is especially recommended. Choose salty flavored ones that will taste better than sweetened ones.


Here’s what we especially recommend. Since we learned about this combination, we liked sake even more.
Combining fermented foods with each other produces a synergistic effect of taste, so they are highly compatible. It is also said to increase nutritional value and reduce salt.
Both are fermented foods as sake is fermented from rice and cheese is fermented from milk.


How was it?
Sake goes well with not only sushi and Japanese food.
If you have the snacks mentioned here are at home, this is your chance to give them a try.
Why not enjoy sake at home at a cheap price?