Sake is a type of alcohol that has long been rooted in Japanese culture, and we want women to try it out for sure.

However, some people have the impression that sake has a high alcohol content, it is hard to drink due to its dryness, and that it is hard to pick which type to drink since there are so many varieties…Do you have such an image?

There are various types of sake, but recently are increasingly more brands that are easy to drink even for women trying sake for the first time. For example, sake with a light taste, fruity ginjo sake, and sweet junmai sake, etc.

The design of the packages have also become more fashionable, and sake is no longer a “drink for only men”.


  1. Abundance of good ingredients for beauty

Kojic acid / ferulic acid are beauty ingredients contained in sake. These two components are said to have the effect of suppressing the production of melanin, which is said to be the cause of spots.

In addition, sake contains plenty of amino acids. Amino acids are important nutrients that make up the body’s tissues and are essential for keeping the skin moist. Isn’t it great that drinking sake leads to beautiful skin and overall beauty?


  1. You can enjoy various ways of drinking

You may have the impression that drinking sake means pouring it from a bottle into a cup and drinking it straight. In actuality, you can drink sake in various ways!

You can also pour ice in and enjoy sake on the rocks. Adding ice makes the taste mellower and reduces the burn of alcohol. Ginjo sake and daiginjo sake, which have fruity aromas, can be cooled and put in a wine glass. The appearance is also fashionable, and you can enjoy the gorgeous scent that marinates inside the wine glass.

In addition, if you drink hot sake, you can enjoy the taste while warming your body. Warm drinks have a relaxing effect and are recommended for women suffering from cold extremities.


  1. Good compatibility with snacks popular with women

Sashimi, salted fish, and oden are classic sake snacks. However, sake goes well with other various genres of food and snacks.

It’s also just as compatible with fermented foods such as natto and miso, which are said to be good for health, Japanese dishes, as well as stylish snacks such as ajillo and cheese. It’s also delicious with western snacks.


  1. Good to savor while drinking slowly

It is recommended that you drink sake while enjoying its flavor and aroma. Therefore, it is better suited for drinking slowly instead of drinking it at once. It is perfect to drink at a girls’ night out while enjoying some conversation.

An appropriate amount of sake is 180ml a day. Slowly enjoy sake while drinking it with softening water (the water you drink with sake).



This time, we introduced the reasons why we recommend sake to women.

In recent years, sweet and stylish types of sake have been increasing, making it easier for women to consume. Also, you can enjoy sake on the rocks or as cocktails, so be sure to enjoy sake in a way that suits you.