Have you ever wished that you could drink sake and obtain beautiful skin ?
Well, that is actually quite possible.
The beautifying ingredients of sake have recently begun gaining attention.

In this article, we will introduce 6 beneficial effects of sake and 2 effective beauty methods using sake. Please give them a try as soon as possible, and feel their skin beautifying effects.

Beautifying effects of sake

1.Improvement of elasticity and shine

・Α-EG (alpha-ethyl-D-glucoside): This molecule is very delicate. Even the very small amount found in sake reaches the dermis and helps the skin produce collagen

・ Α-GG (alpha-glucosyl-glycerin): Promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen and has the effect of adding elasticity to the skin


2.Whitening effect

* Melanin: A substance generated when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Excessive generation can cause stains


・ Kojic acid: produced during fermentation process of koji. Inhibition of melanin production


・Ferulic acid: A type of polyphenol. Suppresses production of melanin which causes stains


・ Albumin: Prevents the creation of stains and thins out those that already exist


・ Free linoleic acid: A component with a high whitening effect. Leads to skin with transparency


3.Retention of moisture

Amino acid: Contains natural moisturizing ingredients, and is a strong ally for women who want fine and moist skin.


4.Improvement of wrinkles and sagging

-Ferulic acid: In addition to its whitening effect, it can also be expected to suppress active oxygen, which is said to be related to skin aging such as wrinkles


5.Normalization of turnover

・ Fruit acid (AHA): Removes old keratin that is no longer needed when applied to the skin, promoting turnover


6.Improvement of acne

The normalization of the turnover rate and improvement to the moisturizing function as mentioned above, also lead to the improvement of acne.

When the skin is healthy acne is easier to heal, and makes it more unlikely that they will form in the first place.

Beautifying methods using sake

1.Drink to obtain beautiful skin.

Sake has a beautifying effect just by drinking.

We would like to introduce these drinking methods!


・Choose junmai sake which has many beautifying ingredients

Junmai sake has many amino acids that are particularly good for beauty.

Junmai sake is usually dry, but jozo sake is made by adding brewed alcohol.

For those who want to enjoy the taste and enjoy the effect by drinking a small amount continuously, jozo sake is recommended.


・Don’t drink too much

Alcohol consumption is best kept between 180-360 ml per day.

Rather than drinking a lot at a time, it is recommended to drink occasionally, such as every 2-3 days or every 1-2 weeks, depending on your physical condition.


In order not to get drunk, it is important to “not drink on an empty stomach” and “to drink water”.

* Yawaragi-mizu: Chaser. Drinking water between drinks can prevent you from getting drunk. Also, if you drink a sip of alcohol and drink the same amount of water, it will be more unlikely to get a hangover or get hammered.


・Drink it warm

Drinking it warm warms the body and improves blood flow. It is especially recommended for those of you who are always cold.


2. Apply to skin as skin lotion to make skin beautiful

Sake is expected to be effective even when applied directly to the skin.

Some people may be worried if it is okay to put sake on their skin, but it is not a problem for most.

* If you are particularly vulnerable to alcohol or have an allergy to alcohol, we recommend that you perform a patch test. First put a 1-yen coin amount of sake on a body part that does not stand out, such as the back of your arm, and place it for a day to see if it suits your skin.


You can easily make a sake skin lotion

You can easily make a sake skin lotion yourself.


(1) What to prepare

Sake, glycerin, purified water

☆ Choose sake that contains as little additives as possible. “Junmai sake” made from rice and malt without any extra additives is especially recommended.


(2)How to make

Put an equal amount of sake and purified water into a clean lotion bottle, and add 5-6 drops of glycerin. Mix well and you’re done.



・ Store in the refrigerator and use it up in 1-2 weeks.

・ Glycerin is used for moisturizing and has a shelf life of 1 year after opening, so it can be used for other purposes such as fixing bed hair and used with other lotions.