The secret of Sumo wrestlers' skins lies in Sake.

The secret of Sumo wrestlers’ skins lies in Sake.

A study

There was a study on Sumo wrestlers at Takasago Stable where the infrared theormography was used to study how their body temperature changed depending on different types of alcohol beverages. The result was that their body temperature after drinking Japanese sake was higher by two degrees for a longer time than other alcohol beverages. A higher body temperature implies an improved blood circulation just underneath the skin, which enables the nutriments to be conveyed to all over the body sufficiently.

“Skin is the mirror of your internal organs.” This is how Sumo wrestlers who regularly drink sake maintains their smooth, unblemished skins. This result was evident when the sake was served either hot, cold or at room temperature. So sake is perfect for ladies who have poor blood circulations, too.

Japanese sake contains as many as a few hundred kinds of nutritional elements including Amino acid, vitamins and peptide which is beneficial to the liver. Amino acid is famously attributable to Umami, a pleasant savory taste imparted by glutamate which plays an indispensable role in making sake taste better through expanding and rounding out flavors. This Amino acid has been receiving the worldwide attention for its positive effects on our health. They include:

1. Makes you slim

Amino acid contains arginine, lysine and glutamine which stimulate growth hormone to secrete. The growth hormone reduce the neutral fat, making you thinner.

2. Builds your muscles

Amino acid is the main component of protein that builds muscles.

3. Helps recover from fatigue

Amino acid prevents fatigue and helps you recover from fatigue. This is why most sport drinks contain amino acid.

4.Strengthen the immune system

Amino acid helps the necessary nutritional elements to be conveyed to the brain, internal organs and the central nerve system.

5. Skin care benefits

Amino acid is one of the main components that moisture skin. On top of that it generates collagen which is beneficial to your skin beauty.


Japanese sake contains 10 to 20 times as much Amino acid as wine.

Thus, as the proverb goes, good wine makes good blood. Or rather, “Good sake makes even better blood.”