Some of you must like cocktail but have also never tried making them with sake.

For this issue we would like to introduce hot sake cocktails to such people, and hope that you give it a try.

Have a relaxing time while you have a warm drink.




Sake hoji chai

A handy chai made from a hoji tea bag.

Hoji tea has less caffeine than green tea or black tea and has a more relaxing effect, so it is also recommended for sleepless nights.



・ Hoji tea (tea bag) 1 bag

・ Cinnamon (powder) appropriate amount

・ Cardamom (powder) appropriate amount

・ 1-2 tablespoons of sake


・ 100 ml of milk

・ 100 ml of water

・ 1 tablespoon of brown sugar


◆How to make

  1. Save the paper tag for the hoji tea bag
  2. Put 1 and [A] in a pan, heat, and turn off the heat just before boiling. Add sake, cover the lid and steam for 3 minutes.
  3. Take out the tea bag, pour it into a cup, and sprinkle cinnamon and cardamom powder spices.

Roasted marshmallow coffee sake

Add fragrant and sweet marshmallows to an adult coffee with sake.

Then, the softly melted marshmallows become mellow, creamy and sweet, and the combination with the bitter coffee results in a flavor that you cannot describe in words♡



・ 1cup of black coffee

・ 1 tablespoon of sake

・ 3 marshmallows


◆How to make

  1. Pour coffee into a heat-resistant cup and add sake.
  2. Float the marshmallow, and heat it for 1 minute with a toaster (1000w) until it is browned.

* If you don’t have a toaster, you can put marshmallow on a bamboo skewer, grill quickly above a stove, and add it to the cup.



Hot yogurt sake

When you combine yogurt with sake, it turns into a soft-tasting hot cocktail!

Because it is easy to drink, it is a recommended drink for sake beginners.

It is also recommended to cool and drink without heating ♪



・ Yogurt (unsweetened) 100ml

・ Sake 100ml

・ 1 tablespoon of honey


◆How to make

  1. Put sake and honey in a heat-resistant cup and mix well.
  2. Add yogurt, mix and heat in microwave for 1 minute.



Sake ginger

Sake ginger that is delicious and warms the body.

Perfect for a cold winter or when you want to take a break.



・ Sake 150ml

・ 1 tablespoon of honey

・ 1piece of ginger

・ Lemon juice appropriate amount


◆How to make

  1. Warm sake up
  2. Grate ginger while warming sake
  3. Add honey, grated ginger (with juice) and lemon juice to the heated sake
  4. You can also add cinnamon or vanilla essence as you like ◎



Strawberry milk sake

The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the mildness of milk, combined with sake, result in a flavor that spreads in your mouth and cannot be described with words.

By adding syrup and honey as you like, even more sweetness will be brought out and you will feel happy ♪



・ Milk 150ml

・ Sake 50ml

・ 3-5 strawberries

・ Syrup or honey appropriate amount


◆How to make

  1. Put a strawberry in a cup and grate it with a spoon
  2. Add milk and mix. If drinking hot, add warm milk.
  3. Add the sake. If drinking hot, add after warming.
  4. Add syrup or honey to your preference.