Do you like vanilla ice cream? Do you like sake?

You like both, but aren’t you thinking that vanilla ice cream and sake won’t match at all? Actually, that is a big misconception.

First of all, the compatibility between ice cream and liquor is outstanding. You can even pour brandy on top of ice cream, and it’s equally as delicious with sweet liquor like kalua.

So, the compatibility with Japanese sake is likewise exceptional.

We would like to introduce in detail from now on.


What to prepare

1.Vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream

If you want to enjoy sake ice cream, choose vanilla ice cream.

Of course, a milk flavored ice cream is also delicious, but the more creamy vanilla ice cream is recommended.

2.Japanese sake

Any type of sake is good when poured on ice cream.

If we were to choose one type, our recommendation is sweet nigorishu.

We think that each person has their own taste, so it may be fun to eat and compare with various sakes and find your favorite combination.


How to make

There are actually two ways to enjoy this combination of vanilla ice cream and sake.



1, Put vanilla ice cream in a small cup

2, Gently pour enough sake that hides a quarter of the ice

3, Put in mouth

A delicious dessert just with these steps. So easy!


The first method is fine, but if you add sake to the ice, it will quickly melt.

If you don’t know the right amount or don’t want to pour too much, try out the following method!



1, Take vanilla ice cream on a spoon

2, Scoop sake with another spoon and put it on the ice cream

3, Put in mouth


This method is also very easy.


Please try using your favorite method.



Be careful not to increase the amount of sake too much. If the amount of sake is too much, you will feel like you are drinking vanilla liquor rather than eating a dessert.

Of course this is also delicious, but you will get drunk because you would be consuming sake at a very fast pace.

If you want to enjoy it as a dessert, we recommend a 4:1 ratio of vanilla ice cream to sake!



How’s the taste

This dessert is made by adding Japanese sake to vanilla ice cream, and the spiciness of sake is added to the base vanilla ice cream to transform the concoction to an adult taste. Also, you can taste the alcoholic taste of sake, so it’s perfect when you want to drink but it’s time for dessert soon.

If you eat it once, you will surely become addicted.

Why don’t you try this exciting new sensation dessert?