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How to Drink Sake in the Summer

In the summer, most of us want to drink a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Even for Sake, there are probably many who drink cold sake in the summer. However, because of Sake’s fundamental elements, no matter how cold the Sake is chilled, it cannot compete with the surge of exhilaration received from a cold beer or mojito.
Therefore, our recommendations are Sake on the rocks or mixed with soda. Many Sake lovers may have mixed feelings of mixing Sake with something, but the combination allows Sake to become more refreshing, more suitable for the hot summer. Recently, there are more and more people who are even putting Sake in their ice creams bowls. So, in today’s post, we will look at different ways to enjoy Sake in the summer.

On the Rocks

On the Rocks
By adding ice, Sake’s chill factor is increased (temperature decreased). The main points in this style of Sake drinking are to use oversized, hard, clear ice. We recommend washing the ice just before use. This allows the surface to become sleek, thus the transparency will increase.
While there is no rule for what type of Sake is to be served over the ice, it is said Genshu Sake or any type of rich Sake pairs well. The firm, sharp sensation and the clicking sound of the ice accelerate the feeling of exhilaration. To keep ice from melting as you savor the Sake, don’t forget to chill the serving glass as well.


Many may know the popular Japanese cocktail highball. It is soda mixed with whiskey. While highball is quite popular here in Japan, Sake mixes well with soda as well.
To create a delicious Sake-soda collaboration, we strongly suggest using oversized ice and chill the Sake and serving glass.
The soda selection is important as well. Please select soda with a high carbonation. Because the manufacturing method of Sake is different from other distilled liquor, if the carbonation is weak, this feeling of exhilaration will be poor as well. And if the drink is made the same way highball (whiskey based), it will be too weak. We recommend a 1:1 ratio of Sake and soda.
And for those who would like to enhance the chill factor, even more, we recommend adding peels of lemon, yuzu, sudachi (Japanese citrus). The pale citrus colors submerged in the drink helps create an even more cooling, refreshed feeling.


Sake frozen in the fridge. Because of the alcohol content, it will not be frozen hard, but more like a sherbet. The perfect consistency to eat with a spoon. Refreshing, with the flavor spreading more each spoonful, it is very delicious. For a Sake that does not change the flavor by freezing, Junmaisho is the most appropriate.

Ice Cream

This is very easy. Pour Sake on vanilla ice cream. The dryness of Sake will prevail over the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, making it is more like drinking vanilla liquor rather than a dessert. For those who wish to enjoy ice cream as a dessert, we suggest a ratio of 4:1 of ice cream to Sake. For the type of Sake, a thick Sake such as Jukuseishu (aged Sake) pairs well.

In addition to the above, there are cases of Sake mixed with tomatoes or green vegetables as well. During the hot summer, please try different refreshing ways to enjoy Sake!