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What is Sparkling Sake?

Have you heard of ‘Sparkling Sake’ before? Yes, Sparkling SAKE. Not sparkling wine. Sparkling Sake is becoming increasingly popular in the last decade.

Now with 100+ different brands of Sparkling Sake available, you’ve got to try one if you haven’t already!

Want to know which Sparkling Sake Brand to Start with? Here’s Top 10 Sparkling Sake You Can’t […]


Can you name all of the 7 Sake set? Sake can be served in a wide variety of vessels, ranging from small Sake cups to wooden Sake boxes.

Of course, you can and should drink in your favorite sake set of your own choice, but you may be able to enjoy it better if you learn how different […]

HOW TO ENJOY SAKE BATHHow to Enjoy Sake Bath

Sake is not just for drinking. You can enjoy the health benefits of Sake by bathing in it!

Sake bath is enjoyed for beauty and health purposes even by some of the top actresses in Japan. It’s very easy. Literally immerse yourself in Sake!



Sake Bath Contents:

4 beauty benefits of Sake bath
4 health benefits of Sake bath
How to […]

Is Sake Fattening?

Is Sake fattening? Does Sake make you fat? It’s a big question especially if you’re health conscious or on a diet.

Whether calories or carbs make you fat is controversial, so we won’t say which one you should look at. However, alcohol beverages are digested and metabolized differently than food. That’s why you should not drink […]

Is Sake Gluten Free?

‘Is Sake gluten free?’ It’s the key question for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. However, as gluten free diet is not very known in Japan, the true information can’t be easily obtained.

We googled ‘Is Sake Gluten Free’ to be astonished that many websites said totally different things. Some say ‘Sake is not gluten free […]

How to Read Sake Labels

Just like wine labels, Sake labels tell you an enormous amount of information. By decoding a Sake label, you can expect the aroma and flavor of the Sake.

It may be quite difficult, at first, for non-Japanese sake drinkers to read the sake label. Don’t worry. You’re going to be fine with the following ultimate guide to […]

How Long Does Sake Last? How to Store Sake

Here, we’ll talk about two of the Sake FAQs – ‘How long does Sake last?’ and How to store Sake.

Learn them visually with the following infographic!

How Long Does Sake Last? Sake Expiry Date

Sake has no expiry date.

How long Sake lasts depends on types of Sake and whether the bottle is opened or not. First of all, […]

Sake Calories – How Many Calories Are in Sake?

Despite the beautiful taste of Sake, you may want to cut down because of Sake calories. Some believe that calories in Sake are higher than those in other alcoholic beverages. Why? Because Sake is made of rice – a symbol of carbohydrate.

But is it really true? Here we have prepared the complete guide to Sake […]


Sake serving temperature is not just cold, warm or at room temperature. It’s not that simple. There are actually 10 names for different sake serving temperatures.

Learn and find your favorite Sake temperature!

Want to know the best sake serving temperature of each type of Sake? Check out Best Sake Serving Temperature page.
Sake Serving Temperature Names used by Sake Enthusiasts

55℃/131℉ […]


There are many types of Sake. Learning those types of Sake will let you guess the Sake taste and determine its ideal serving temperature. The 8 basic types of Sake are called premium Sake, or Tokubetsu Meisho Shu in Japanese.

Yes, 8 types. Too many? Don’t worry. Let us make it super simple. In short, types of […]