What is shio koji ? Efficacy and recommended usage

I’ve heard of shio koji but what is it exactly?
How does it taste? How do you use it? Is it good for your health? What ingredients and recipes are suitable for using shio koji?

We will answer such questions.
What is shio koji?


Shio koji is a traditional Japanese seasoning.
It is said that its roots are in the […]

Sake can also be used for cooking! 4 simple sweets recipes

Have you ever been gifted or bought sake, but found it a little unpleasant and difficult to drink until the end, or has it become a bit old and you’re worried about drinking it as it is?
In such a case, it is recommended to use sake for cooking.

What happens if you use sake for cooking?

You […]

Pour sake into vanilla ice cream to make for a very delicious dessert


Do you like vanilla ice cream? Do you like sake?

You like both, but aren’t you thinking that vanilla ice cream and sake won’t match at all? Actually, that is a big misconception.

First of all, the compatibility between ice cream and liquor is outstanding. You can even pour brandy on top of ice cream, and it’s […]

“ Bran ” and “ sake lees ”, by products of making sake, and how to use them


Rice is the raw material of sake. However, it doesn’t mean that all of the rice ends up becoming sake.

So what goes on with the rice that isn’t used?


How to use rice
The polishing rate (40%, 50%, 70%, etc.) on the sake label indicates the ratio of the weight of white rice after polishing to the […]

5 hot sake cocktail recipes

Some of you must like cocktail but have also never tried making them with sake.

For this issue we would like to introduce hot sake cocktails to such people, and hope that you give it a try.

Have a relaxing time while you have a warm drink.



Sake hoji chai

A handy chai made from a hoji tea bag.

Hoji […]

Can I drink old sake or oxidized sake? How to utilize leftover sake

Sake is a liquor that has a bactericidal effect due to its alcohol and can be stored for a long time. There is no requirement to display the expiration date, and the date of manufacture is displayed instead.
However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sake can keep its taste forever. With this issue, we will explain […]

How to look at label so you never fail when selecting Japanese sake

When choosing Japanese sake, you must first look at the “ label ”. But there is a lot of information on these labels, and we are sure that you must get confused at times regarding what information to actually refer to.
There are many types of Japanese sake, but there are mainly two categories of flavor. […]

How many calories in Japanese sake and plum wine ? How to drink without gaining weight!

Hi everyone! Japanese sake that is sweet and easy to drink has become mainstream recently, and there are more people that choose to drink Japanese sake.
But Japanese sake is made of rice and is sweet, possibly leaving many of you thinking that it may make you put on some extra pounds.
On top of that, plum […]

Unorthodox at first glance – Japanese sake on the rocks

There are so many brands of Japanese sake. The taste varies a lot depending on what you choose, and the type of sake you like might be completely different from the others. Also, there is an unlimited number of ways to enjoy a type of sake by altering the temperature.

Many people actually think that you […]

How to Drink Hirezake

For Sake lovers, we at Sake Talk have recently acquired a Hirezake set!

One of the ways to drink delicious Sake is Pufferfish Hirezake. We are sure there are many Sake lovers who have heard of Hirezake but have not actually drunk this type of Sake. Because the taste of Sake drastically changes for Hirezake, in […]

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