How do you usually drink sake?
Are you getting bored of drinking it the same way every time?
If so, we would like to introduce 11 interesting ways of splitting sake.

There are many drinks that make it easier to drink sake with, so please give some of these a try!

* Sake-ness is expressed by the number of ☆. The greater the number of ☆, the stronger the sake-ness. (Based on our own opinion)


1.Carbonic acid

Sake-ness: ☆☆☆☆

Items to prepare: Unsweetened carbonic acid, sake (preference)

Ratio: 1:1 or 60% to 70% of sake; high ratio of sake is recommended

Taste: Effervescent taste like sparkling sake can be easily reproduced!

A sweet sake will have a mellow taste, and a dry sake will have a crisp taste

Although it has soft mouthfeel, it will have that sting like carbonated water due to the carbonic acid.



Sake-ness: ☆☆

Things to prepare: Sweet soda water or cider, sake (preference)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: The sweetness of soda counteracts the spiciness and tendencies of sake and makes it easy to drink.

If you are weak with alcohol, you can enjoy this by lessening the ratio of sake. Also, unlike carbonated splits, it is sweet, so we think it is easy for women to drink.

Extra information: Try it with fruit flavor soda!




Items to prepare: Sprite, sake (preference)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: The sake scent remains slightly, but you can drink it like a juice.




Things to prepare: Coke, sake (recommended: “kunshu”, which has a strong aroma)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: You can enjoy a different taste than soda spirits. There is a perfect amount of alcoholic taste.

Extra information: Add a slice of lemon to enhance the refreshing feeling! Choose sake with a strong fragrance so that it doesn’t lose to coke.



Sake-ness: ☆☆

Items to prepare: Milk (chilled), sake (chilled)

Ratio: About 1:1

Flavor: It tastes like a mellow sake cocktail.

Extra information: It is also delicious if you add a little sweetness with syrup. If you don’t like milk, you can use soy milk!



Sake-ness: ☆☆☆

Things to prepare: Coffee (ice), sake (rich sake or hot sake)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: It has a mysterious, rich coffee flavor. The delicate acidity and mellowness of sake and the bitterness and astringency of coffee create an exquisite balance.

Extra information: If you like a creamy taste, please add milk or coffee milk. If you like sweetness, add gum syrup to adjust the sweetness.


7.Green tea

Sake-ness: ☆☆

Items to prepare: Green tea, sake (Junmai sake, special junmai sake, honjozo are recommended)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: Because it can be drunk like a normal tea, it is recommended to drink it with Japanese foods such as sushi and tempura.

Extra information: It is also recommended to drink this by simply pouring sake into a glass with frozen green tea ice cubes.



Sake-ness: ☆☆

Things to prepare: Tea (ones that are brewed with fully boiled water), sake (preference)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: Tea, which is fragrant as is sake, can be combined with sake to enhance its flavor.

Extra information: In addition to regular tea, you can make delicious fruit flavored tea.




Items to prepare: Calpico (undiluted solution), sake (preference)

Ratio: Sake: Calpico = 8:2

Taste: A Calpico for adults with a gentle sweetness. It is easy for women to drink, and has a delicious taste that makes it easy to drink even if you don’t like alcohol.

Extra information: It becomes easier to drink if you split it with a soda if you’d like.


 10.Grapefruit juice

Sake-ness: ☆☆

Items to prepare: Grapefruit juice, sake (preference)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: A refreshing and fruity sweetness with a mild bitterness, and excellent compatibility with sake.

Extra information: By adding carbonated water, the bitter taste can be reduced, and it will become easier to drink.


11.Tomato juice

Sake-ness: ☆☆

Items to prepare: Tomato juice, sake (preference)

Ratio: About 1:1

Taste: A cocktail with a mild sake taste and a refreshing tomato flavor.

Extra information: You can enjoy a more refreshing mix by squeezing raw lemon or adding commercially available lemon juice as you like. In addition, “lycopene” contained in tomatoes is more efficiently absorbed by the body if you drink alcohol, and suppresses the action of “acetaldehyde”, which causes hangovers. This cocktail is recommended when you had one too many drinks, and you want to still moderately enjoy sake the following day.



How was it?

There were probably some combinations that you were shocked by, but give us the benefit of the doubt and try them out.

You will surely find a combination that you’ll like.

Sake goes well with various drinks, so please enjoy it with some of the mixtures listed above!