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Sake Terminology Part 2-What is “Kire” in Sake? –

You will be able to enjoy sake even more by knowing the terminologies of sake that you see and hear at restaurants and liquor stores.
This time, we will introduce the word “kire” that is often used to describe sake.
What is “Kire” of sake?



#飲み会 pic.twitter.com/fWzpu2nuoK

— 個室会席 北大路(有楽町店) (@KitaohjiY) July 15, 2020

Generally, it is often used in […]

Sake Terminology Part 1-What is “Fruity” in Sake?

You will be able to enjoy sake even more by knowing the terms of sake that you see and hear at restaurants and liquor stores.

This time, we will introduce the word “fruity,” which is often used to describe sake.

What is “fruity” in sake?

What kind of aroma and taste do you picture when you hear that […]

“ Bran ” and “ sake lees ”, by products of making sake, and how to use them


Rice is the raw material of sake. However, it doesn’t mean that all of the rice ends up becoming sake.

So what goes on with the rice that isn’t used?


How to use rice
The polishing rate (40%, 50%, 70%, etc.) on the sake label indicates the ratio of the weight of white rice after polishing to the […]

5 hot sake cocktail recipes

Some of you must like cocktail but have also never tried making them with sake.

For this issue we would like to introduce hot sake cocktails to such people, and hope that you give it a try.

Have a relaxing time while you have a warm drink.



Sake hoji chai

A handy chai made from a hoji tea bag.

Hoji […]

Rusk and sake!?

Mmm rusks, so fragrant and sweet. Aren’t there moments where you just crave them?
With this issue we would like to show you good matches between rusk and sake!
There are unsweet rusks such as salty and garlic flavors for snacks, but this time we will introduce combinations of sweet and delicious rusks and sake.

How rusks are […]

Sake is recommended for women !?


Sake is a type of alcohol that has long been rooted in Japanese culture, and we want women to try it out for sure.

However, some people have the impression that sake has a high alcohol content, it is hard to drink due to its dryness, and that it is hard to pick which type to […]

Sake has hair growth effects!?

People who drink alcoholic beverages such as beer and whiskey every day, are said to be healthier and live longer than those who do not. This is because alcohol has the effect of reducing stress, helping the body relax, and increasing appetite.
And did you know that there is an alcoholic drink that has even more […]

Can I drink old sake or oxidized sake? How to utilize leftover sake

Sake is a liquor that has a bactericidal effect due to its alcohol and can be stored for a long time. There is no requirement to display the expiration date, and the date of manufacture is displayed instead.
However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sake can keep its taste forever. With this issue, we will explain […]

Sake gives you beautiful skin !?

Have you ever wished that you could drink sake and obtain beautiful skin ?
Well, that is actually quite possible.
The beautifying ingredients of sake have recently begun gaining attention.

In this article, we will introduce 6 beneficial effects of sake and 2 effective beauty methods using sake. Please give them a try as soon as possible, and […]

Drinks that are good for splitting with sake

How do you usually drink sake?
Are you getting bored of drinking it the same way every time?
If so, we would like to introduce 11 interesting ways of splitting sake.

There are many drinks that make it easier to drink sake with, so please give some of these a try!

* Sake-ness is expressed by the number of […]

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