Vessels for Cold Sake

What’re the 10 Best Vessels for Cold Sake?

In the previous article, “Warm Sake” was featured. So in this article let us introduce the best vessels for “Cold Sake”. These sake cups will make you have more precious time to enjoy cool Sake.


 Sake Set

1. Cold Sake Set Ice Pocket Purple

cold sake

“Cold Sake Set Ice Pocket Purple”, produced by TOYO-SASAKI GLASS, is the type of decanter, whose side has a pot to put some ice in. This structure can keep Sake cold without dilution. Its design is also good and the pot which is shaped like Tokkuri is purple-colored. This set will make your drinking time maturer. Moreover, its refreshing appearance is perfect to enjoy a hot day of summer.

2. Sizzle Sake Set

cold sake
warm sake

Pour cold Sake into Sizzle Sake server to the rim, and it overflows into the ochoko. It might remind you of Shishi Odoshi- the Japanese traditional bamboo fountain tube that’s filled with water and tips to make a gentle knocking sound.

Give ear to the trickle, and It’ll immerse you in the traditional Japanese atmosphere. By exposing Sake to the air, Sake aroma opens up, making your Sake even better.
Recommended for cold Sake like Ginjo and Daiginjo.

3. Mino Ware Sake Set Blue Stream

cold sake
warm sake

A Mino Ware Sake set in blue and black colors. Mino ware is one of the traditional Japanese ceramics made in Gifu Prefecture.

This is one of the basic Sake sets that can be often seen in Japanese restaurants. The Sake set comes in 1 Tokkuri flask and 4 cups.

4. Glass Sake Set Ice Pocket OCEAN

cold sake

One of the popular ‘ice-pocket-Sake-server’ series.

Sake server is parted (removable) in two – the top serves as a server/pitcher and the bottom is an ice cooler where you put ice cubes.

Cold Sake can be kept cold without diluting it.

This Cold Sake Set has engravings of fish. Pour Sake in and the vessels become aquariums.

5. Sake Set Fuji

cold sake

This handmade glass Sake Set with purple color makes your drinking time more relaxing and delightful. Handmade by Toyo-Sasaki Glass, one of the top Sake glass manufacturers renowned for their excellent quality.

Sake cup

6. Kikichoko Glass FLAVOR

cold sake

Kikichoko (aka Janome Ochoko) with the blue circles at the bottom of the cup is one of the most-known ochoko cups. It’s the one used for Sake tasting by Sake sommeliers.

Kikichoko tasting cup is known to be made from porcelain, but now here comes the glass version!

There are two types – FLAVOR type and AROMA type.

7. Glass Sake Cup Golden Sky

cold sake

Bidoro is one of the traditional types of glassware to be used normally for Sake, but it’s also cool to use it for side dishes. This versatile vessel must make your table more attractive.

8. Nousaku Tin Kuzushi Yure Gold (Large)

cold sake
warm sake

Since ancient times, it has been said that tin wares make Sake milder, removing its off-flavors.
And pour warm Sake into Nousaku Sake cup, and you’ll immediately feel its warmth from the body of the Sake cup. In a flash of the second.

9. Glass Clear Katakuchi Server (Small)

cold sake

While fashionableness and sophisticated molding are the attractiveness of glass Sake cups, we’re always forced careful use. This week point can be covered by “Katakuchi”, produced by TOYO-SASAKI GLASS. It’s so strong that washing in the dishwasher is acceptable, and you don’t have to wash separately from other dishes. Its 80% volume is 1 Gou (180ml). This size is so suitable to enjoy cold Sake fully.

10. Kikichoko Janome Tasting Sake Cup

cold sake
warm sake

Kikichoko (aka Janome Ochoko) is probably the most-known ochoko cup. Why? Because it’s the one used for Sake tasting by Sake sommeliers.

Janome literally means ‘Snake eye’, because the two blue circles inside the cup look like a snake’s eye. These circles are used for checking the quality of Sake.