For gifts to Sake lovers, Sake beginners, consider selecting sake vessels to enjoy evening Sake even more. Among our gift box ready sake vessels, popular sake vessels, paired sake vessels, delicate glass sake vessels and, of course, taste-inducing pottery sake vessels, we will introduce our recommendations.

Hot Selling Item

1. Sizzle Sake Set

cold sake
warm sake

Very popular sake vessel.
Versatile sake set for both hot sake and chilled sake, this is a sake vessel for all seasons. The set includes a saucer as well. The sake set is created with the image of Shishi-odoshi, allowing Sake lovers to enjoy the visual side to Sake drinking.
For more details, please take a look at our products page.

Pair glasses

2. Edo Glass Kinhari Sake Set

cold sake

Gold sake vessels for a feeling of richness.
Handmade by craftsmen using high-quality glass, perfect gift for someone special.

3. Arita Ware Sakazuki Set Gold & Silver

cold sake
warm sake

Sake cups pair, present for an anniversary.
Gold and silver invoke a richness to enjoy the evening Sake even more.

4. Nousaku Tin Sake Cup Sakazuki Set Gold

cold sake
warm sake

For Sake lovers who enjoy a high level of Sake, please try this Tin Sake cup.
The tin transforms any roughness the Sake may have into a mellow Sake. An elegant gift, with a delicate painting on the bottom of the gold cup.

5. Nousaku Tin Sake Set Bamboo

cold sake
warm sake

The shine from the Tin Sake Cup leads to a sophisticated evening of Sake. The bamboo shape is the very essence of the Japanese “wa” spirit.
The eye-striking form of this sake vessel allows it to be used as a water jug or even a flower vase if Sake is not available.


6. Usuhari Sake Set 1 Tokkuri + 2 Tumblers

cold sake

This beautiful, delicate glass sake vessel, accomplished through the amazing skill of the craftsmen, is the perfect vessel for Sake.
A sake vessel to be noticed, this well-designed piece will take centerstage on any table it is placed!

7. Usuhari Daiginjo Sake Glass 2pc Set

cold sake

These versatile sake glasses can be used for Sake as well as wine.
The delicate glass adds mildness to the flavor.
The pair glasses make this item a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift as well.


8. Arita Ware Sake Set Old Imari

cold sake
warm sake

For Sake, pottery sake vessels are highly recommended.
The Japanese “wa” spirit from the pottery sake vessels, elevates the feeling of Sake.

9. Arita Ware Masterpiece Sake Set Blue Gradation

cold sake
warm sake

This tokkuri and guinomi set is simple yet elegant in its style and coloring.
Guinomi is a larger ochoko sake cup. Therefore, for Sake lovers who are not satisfied with the Sake capacity of the ochoko, we recommend the guinomi.


10. Cold Sake Set Ice Pocket Amber

cold sake

A different style of sake vessel for cold sake…the carafe. By placing ice in the ice pocket, Sake lovers can enjoy the refreshing taste of cold sake in this modern sake vessel.