In the hot summer, cold Sake refreshes you, and in the winter, hot Sake for warms you. One of the delights of Sake is it can be enjoyed in all of the season. Of course, there are other delights Sake brings, such as indulging in Sake from a sakazuki with your loved ones and great friends. But wouldn’t it be even more delightful to elevate the evening Sake, by incorporating a sophisticated sake vessel? In this post, we will introduce the highly popular and elegant tin sake vessel, Nousaku series.


What is Nousaku?


It is a brand of Nousaku Corporation in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. From 400 years ago, the traditional industry of casting and its techniques have been developed, passed down through time yet still very alive in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. With some of the techniques unable to be replicated by machines, there are parts that are still done by hand, by the skilled craftsmen.

The specialty of their tin is in its 100% purity. This pure 100% tin is so soft, women can easily bend it and craft their tin. Taking advantage of the softness, anyone can enjoy the sophisticated shapes of their tin.

Tin Sake Vessels

Looking at the history of tin, we find that during the Heian period in Japan, Sake was drunk in the palace, using tin sake vessels. We can see historical evidence in the compatibility of Sake and tin, traced back to the Heian period.
Tin sake vessels mellow the taste of Sake, erasing any harshness or other unfavorable sensations. With tin’s antibacterial and thermal conductivity strengths, from the olden days, tin has been used in religious ritual tools as well as sake vessels.

It is well known for its anti-corrosion metal, an important aspect for items we touch with our mouths! For this and other reasons, Nousaku products are known and loved as auspicious gift items.

Recommended 5 products

1. Nousaku Tin Sake Set Gold

cold sake
warm sake

Kataguchi and guinomi sake vessel set. Most popular in this series.

2. Nousaku Tin Sake Cup Sakazuki Set Gold

cold sake
warm sake

Two sakazuki sake vessel set. Perfect for gifts.

3. Nousaku Tin Kuzushi Yure Gold (Small)

cold sake
warm sake

Small sips guinomi sake vessel. Perfect for Sake beginners!

4. Nousaku Tin Sake Set Bamboo

cold sake
warm sake

Katakuchi and sake cup vessel set. Based on the shape of the bamboo—very chic!

5. Nousaku Tin Sake Warmer Chirori with Lid

cold sake
warm sake

This is a Sake warmer. Highlights of this products include the cute handle and lid.

How to clean

How to clean tin sake vessels:
*after use, wash with a medium strength dish detergent
*if the tin loses its shin, please polish with baking soda
*do not use in microwave
*do not use in dishwasher/dish-dryer
*continuous bending may cause cracks and other damages
*be cautious of burns when placing hot items in the sake vessels