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Have you read our recent post “The 10 Best Vessels for Cold Sake”?
In this post, we introduced many sake vessels. As Sake lovers, we are sure many of you already possess various sake vessels. However, we wonder if your eyes are as satisfied as your sense of taste with these sake vessels?

We will examine the sizzle sake set introduced in “The 10 Best Vessels for Cold Sake” and how enjoyable it was to drink Sake with the sizzle sake set.

sizzle sake set

This sake vessel is handmade in Gifu Prefecture, by the craftsmen of Kaneko Ko-hyo, a company with over 100 years of history.

Why is the sizzle sake set so popular? Let us explain two of its special features.

1. Shishi-odoshi


Do you know shishi-odoshi?

Shishi originates from deer and odoshi means to frighten away. As the name implies, this bamboo water method was used to keep birds and other small creatures away. The overflowing water would cause the bamboo to make a distinct sound, scaring the creatures away.

Nowadays, the cultural significance and appreciation for the beauty of the shishi-odoshi has grown. We cannot imagine any Japanese garden to be complete without a shishi-odoshi.

Later, we will reveal our sake experience of the sake vessel designed after this beautiful Japanese historic innovation.

2. The meaning of sizzle

For many people overseas, “sizzle” has a hot image, like meat sizzling on the grill, with juices and flavors oozing out. However, in Japan, sizzle has a very different meaning.

In Japan, sizzle means we are able to enjoy delicious items even more through our five senses.

As the name implies, the sizzle sake set is designed for us to enjoy Sake even more. In addition to the aroma and flavor, our senses of sight and hearing heighten the “delicious factor” from the moment the Sake is first poured.

The sizzle experience is feeling this deliciousness through the five senses. Without further ado, let us begin!

Real Experience Report

sake set

The set includes a server, ochoko (sake cup), and a saucer.

Shaped like a lotus flower, the cut is designed as a place to rest chopsticks.

The indented portion can be used as the soy sauce holder for enjoying sashimi or it could be used a plate for two snacks to accompany your Sake.


This set’s concept is for Sake to overflow into the ochoko.

Imagine the water overflowing into the bamboo in shishi-odoshi…And the overflowing Sake is able to mix with air. Air softens Sake, making it more mellow as it flows naturally into the ochoko.

We recommend placing the ochoko in the indented portion of the saucer. Then pour Sake liberally into the server. Simple?

And if any of the Sake overflows from the ochoko, the saucer will contain the overflow.

Since we had a chance, we decided to drink Hot Sake as well.

Just pour in the Sake heated by the microwave!

This set is microwave safe; however, if you would like to experience shishi- odoshi, it is better to first heat the sake and then pour it into the sake set.


Not only our sense of taste, we can enjoy Sake with our eyes and ears. And by having the Sake mix with the air, the taste of Sake can become even more delicious. This is the Japanese sizzle.

Katakuchi server is typically used for chilled sake. So, with summer around the corner, it is a timely item!

Enjoy the Japanese coolness with this playful item to have an even more special Sake experience.


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