Sake Sangria

We all know Sangria, wine infused delicious, juicy fruits. Sangria is popular in Japan as well, especially among women who favor its sweet flavor and cute appearance. But did you know it is possible to make Sangria with sake?
To make Sangria, the sweetness and acidity of the fruits used blends with the wine to produce a gentle, alluring aroma. This may lead you to think the sake you have at home is still too new (“green”) to compete with wine…. However, this is not so! It is very possible and pleasurable to use sake to create Sangria!! In this post, we will explain how to make homemade Sake Sangria, our recommendation of fruits and fun variations of Sake Sangria.


The Beauty Element

Imagine sake and Fruit. Most will not think the two concepts are compatible. However, both sake and fruits have a positive beauty effects, which is important to everyone, especially women.
By combining the two, we are able to both enjoy healthy benefits as well as partake in delicious sake. Of course, the results will vary, depending on the type of fruits we select, but if the fruits are full of vitamins, it helps with skin care and can prevent acne as well.
Sake is composed of various living bacteria (good bacteria our body needs). For example, bacteria to help the composition of “UMAMI.” Another is lactic acid bacteria, a bacterium which improves the intestinal environment in your body. The condition of our intestine is important to maintain good skin, so having healthy intestines practically equals having healthy skin.
Sake Sangria contains both the vitamins from the fruits as well as the good bacteria our body needs from the sake. So, Sake Sangria helps us become beautiful from the inside, making it popular among women, as well.


How to Make Sake Sangria

Sake Sangria
Let’s get started making Sake Sangria! It sounds difficult, but the process is quite simple. Soak your favorite fruits in a jar of sake.
The infusing time can be from half a day to overnight. If you would like, you could place the fruits in the sake jar before going to work in the morning and come home at night to find the Sake Sangria ready to drink.
With the fruits bobbing up and down, dancing around in the sea of sake, Sake Sangria is a rather cute sake. Consider selecting a glass to showcase this cute sensation. This way, it will be pleasurable to watch the fruit moving around while your taste buds are enjoying the sweet sensation of the Sake Sangria.


What type of sake will make the Sake Sangria taste delicious?

As the sake is transformed into Sangria, the flavors and aromas of the fruits will overtake the sake. This will cause the taste of the sake will, in theory, disappear. On this basis, any type of sake could be used to create Sake Sangria.
However, if one had to choose, our recommendation would be for a sweet sake. The light sweetness of the rice compliments the acidity of the fruits. Keep in mind, the balance of sweet and sour may entice you to drink more and more of the delicious Sake Sangria.