Fruits Recommendation

Next, let us explore the different fruits we can use to make Sake Sangria. In general, any fruits can be used to make the sangria delicious. However, for the first time, here are our recommendations.
We will introduce several fruits but choose the fruits according to your preference.



Strawberries are used for both its sweet taste and cute appearance. If that is your desire, the strawberries are the ultimate fruit. When strawberries are infused with Japanese sake, the naturally red color of the strawberries blend into the sake, transforming the sake into a pinkish color.
Whether the strawberries are used whole or cut into pieces, the methodology is the same. Place the strawberries in the sake. Not only the color, but the aroma of the strawberries will blend with the sake, creating a sweet sensation.


It may be hard to imagine the juiciness of a pear from its rather hard exterior, but the pear is one of the recommended fruits to try when making Sake Sangria. When the juicy pear is soaked in sake, the sake also absorbs the sweetness of the pear. In this version of Sake Sangria, you can enjoy the sweet yet refreshing combination of pear and sake.
We recommend Pear Sake Sangria to people who have found it difficult to drink sake. Your taste buds will welcome the gentle sweetness of Pear Sangria.


If pears can produce a gentle sweetness enticing sake newcomers, we are sure the deliciousness of apples has crossed your mind? Of course, apples are one of the recommended fruits for Sake Sangria.
In the case of apples, we recommend leaving the skin on the apple slices while they are being soaked in sake. This is so the aroma of the apples can be infused into the Sake Sangria as well.
By using both apple slices as well as grated apples, the apple aroma intensified Sake Sangria is created.


The sight of the round slices of the kiwis floating, bumping, blending in the Sake Sangria is a cool image. The unique refreshing taste of the kiwi is blended into the sake, allowing the drinker to experience both the sake and kiwi flavors at the same time.
In this version of the Sake Sangria, the strong vitamin green kiwi adds feelings of both health and sophistication. For elegant, classy looking Sake Sangria, we recommend adding kiwi to the Sake Sangria.


For a tropical Sake Sangria, pineapple is your best choice. The vibrant color of the pineapple is another powerful vitamin color. For days when you need a little boost, we recommend adding pineapple to your Sake Sangria to get rid of your woes and heal your soul.
As pineapples are large and chunky, it may be a bit troublesome to soak in the sake. However, the large size of the pineapple allows you to enjoy the pineapple flavor even more in this version of Sake Sangria.



Enjoying the Multiple Fruits Flavors of Sake Sangria

We have introduced and explained the single fruit flavors of Sake Sangria. But of course, using multiple fruits is a good option as well. The multiple fruits will infuse the sake with its flavors and aromas, adding various combination and sensations for your enjoyment.
This is especially true within the berry family. By mixing the varieties of the berries, the colorfulness of the berries will create a refreshing image. The flavors will deepen, satisfying both your eyes and taste buds.
However, just be aware, not all fruits may blend well together. As taste is subjective, our recommendation is test and trial many combinations to create the best (or many bests) version for you!


Sake Infused Fruits are Delicious as well

Sake Sangria
When making Sake Sangria, the sweetness, acidity, and aroma of the fruits are infused into the sake, making the sake remarkably easier to drink. However, what should be done with the sake infused fruits?
Of course, the sake is infused with the flavor of the fruits and likewise, the fruits are infused with sake. The sake-infused fruits have a new taste and what is more tempting than trying your favorite fruit with a new twist?
Among the new tastes of the fruit, the sake-infused pear has received the most compliments. When one bites into an ordinary pear, the mouth is filled with luscious juices from the fruit. So, can you imagine a sake infused pear? The sweet combination of pear juice and sake oozes from the pear slice and spreads throughout your mouth.
Actually, these sake infused pear slices have gone viral in Japan’s Twitter. So, we invite you to try the sake infused pear slices created in the Sake Sangria process.
But do note, not all the fruit slices share this delicious, juicy sensation. For example, kiwi. For some, kiwi is an acquired taste, so it may be better to just enjoy the Kiwi Sangria Sake without partaking in the sake infused kiwi slices. However, if you are curious, take a bite of the sake infused kiwi slice to evaluate the sake added value to the fruit yourself.


Simple Variations to Sake Sangria

Sake Sangria
Of course, drinking the fruity Sake Sangria on its own is satisfying but those who want more variations, here are some options. By adding a small amount of soda or honey, the Sake Sangria’s taste is once again transformed, bring new sensations and enjoyment.
And for people who do not have fresh fruits on hand, using dried fruits or frozen berries is also fine. Especially in the case of frozen berries, once the sake and frozen berries merge, “the changing color” of the sake can be witnessed firsthand, making the creation process fun as well.
Also, with frozen fruits, during the freezing process, the frozen fibers are broken down, enabling the sake to be infused by the frozen fruit’s flavor in a shorter period of time. This is good news for people who cannot wait and want to taste their Sake Sangria quickly!
We sincerely recommend our readers to test, try, enjoy the different variations of Sake Sangria to find the best combination for you!!