Do you have a strong image that there are many designs such as astringent designs and clearly Japanese designs in sake sets?
In fact, there are many such designs, so they are often chosen as gifts for older people and men who like astringent designs.
For those who do not like astringent designs or clearly Japanese designs, find it difficult to match with the interior of your house, are looking for gifts for young people and women who like cute designs, or want a sake set with a rare and unique design, we will introduce some of our recommended sake sets.


Sake sets are not only astringent and Japanese designs! There are many cute and unique sake sets.

Sake sets include not only astringent designs and Japanese designs, but also cute and unique ones.
All of the items listed here are affordable on Amazon. While retaining the Japanese atmosphere, they are not too astringent and have friendly and cute designs, so you can enjoy it as an interior decoration.


5 cute and unique sake sets you can buy on Amazon

・Raccoon dog sake set

It is a lovely design with the server and cup both having a raccoon dog face.
The design is not too astringent while retaining the atmosphere of Japanese pottery, but it is not too cutesy either, so anyone can use it without any resistance.
In Japan, raccoon dogs are considered to be a lucky charm for business prosperity because they have the meaning of “surpassing others”, that is, they stand out from others, so they are also recommended as gifts for those who are in business or for use in restaurants!

・Panda sake set

This is also a cute panda sake set with a face designed on the server and cup.
It is not too powerful nor does it possess an overwhelming Japanese atmosphere, so it is especially recommended for those who find it difficult to match a very Japanese design with your interior.
Speaking of pandas, the image of China is stronger than that of Japan. In Japan, it is customary to incorporate lucky charms into celebrations, but China takes it one step further, and pandas have the meaning of prosperity of descendants and blessings of children. It’s a perfect gift for newlyweds.

・Cat sake set

A sake set with a cat-shaped server.
One ear is the side that you can hook it when you are not using the cup. It looks like a cat is wearing a bucket which makes it very interesting.
The bell on the neck emphasizes the cat-likeness and is extremely cute. This is removable so you can rest assured when washing.
It is highly recommended as a gift for those who have cats or who like cats!

・Daruma sake set

A liquor set in which both the server and the cup are daruma dolls. The round shape is very cute.
Daruma dolls have long been decorated as auspicious objects in Japan. Originally believed to have an amulet effect, they were used to prevent illness, but now it is said to help fulfill wishes.
How about a housebreaking gift or a gift for your grandparents?

・Owl sake set

A sake set with a cute owl illustration drawn on a brown body that is typical of Japanese pottery.
Owls are a symbol of wisdom in the West, but they are also considered a lucky charm in Japan.
It is very popular as a symbol of good luck, so it is recommended as a gift for someone whom you are grateful for at work, or those who are in business.
It seems to be good to decorate it as an interior as well.



Sake sets tend to have astringent designs, but you can see that there are also cute designs.
You’ll rarely come across people with the exact same designs, and many of these are lucky charms, so consider choosing these when picking a gift.