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What is WARM SAKE??

Did you know Sake could be heated up?? It is pretty common to have hot or warm Sake in Japan. Even though it is sometimes called “Hot Sake”, it is not like boiling Sake, of course. You don’t want to get your Sake too hot. So what is Warm Sake?? Warm Sake normally refers to […]

Aroma is Not Significant in Sake?!

There is an interesting article about the Sake wares used for Sake Competitions, etc. by Akiko Tomoda, who is a wine/sake sommelier as well as a beverage consultant.

A lot of the Sake competitions use Janome Choko (Kiki Choko) as the Sake ware for the competitions and judge the quality of Sake, even though it is very […]

How to Taste Sake Like a Pro

In this article, we address the Sake tasting skills, and this also applies to the skills required to be a kikisake-shi, or Sake Sommelier. In order to fully appreciate the taste of Sake, it is essential to know how to taste Sake properly. There are 5 steps to take overall. The first 3 steps (appearance, aroma […]

3 Simple Things Beginners Should Know When They Buy Sake

When you buy Sake for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by the wide range of Sake types. Sake can be quite complicated with all the information and many different types. But fear not, just ask yourself three questions. If you can tell these three keywords to a Sake sommelier or a shop attendant, […]