Glass sake sets
Which vessel is suitable for drinking sake? Where can I get it?
Is it okay to use a wine glass when drinking at room temperature or chilled? Or should I use something better suited for sake?
Can I get it without importing it from Japan?
I’m looking for a gift for people who like alcohol and a gift suitable for hot weather.
Even if you are interested in sake, do you feel that the hurdles are high due to such problems? This article answers these concerns.

For sake at room temperature or cold, you can use a wine glass! In fact, you can easily buy sake sets for sake.

You can enjoy room temperature or cold sake in a wine glass!

Since the wine glass completely covers the mouth and nose of the drinker, it is easy to feel the aroma of sake and the taste becomes clearer.

Wine glasses are suitable for sake with a strong aroma and a light taste. Therefore, you can fully enjoy sake without having to buy a sake set for sake, but a sake vessel produces a different type of taste from the wine glass, and many have a unique and beautiful design, so it would be nice to have one.

In this article, we will introduce a sake set suitable for cold sake that you can easily buy on Amazon.

It looks beautiful and has a refreshing feeling, so there is no doubt that it will make you feel excited! A perfect gift for summer and hot weather!


Glass sake sets suitable for normal temperature and cold sake that can be bought on Amazon

・ Ice pocket carafe glass sake set

A uniquely shaped sake set with a pocket for ice in the carafe.
The beautiful blue color of the cup and pocket gives off a cool impression.
Sake is often stored in the refrigerator or soaked in ice water to cool it, but you can easily and quickly cool it by putting ice in the blue pocket.
Even if the ice melts, it doesn’t melt into the sake which is great.

・ Heat-resistant glass sake set

The colorless and simple design makes it a glass sake set that is easy to match with any design.
Since this is heat-resistant glass, you can enjoy not only cold sake but also hot and lukewarm sake!
The glass is tasteless and odorless, and you can directly feel the taste of sake, so even delicate sake will not be drowned out by the sake set.
You can enjoy the design and temperature simultaneously, so it is especially recommended for those who are buying a sake set for the first time.


・ Edo Kiriko sake cup set (wooden box included)

This is a pair of glasses rather than a sake set because it does not come with a tokkuri or carafe.
The delicate pattern drawn with Edo Kiriko, a traditional Japanese craft, is beautiful and luxurious. The wooden box also adds to the sense of luxury, so it is highly recommended as a gift!
Only Japanese products certified by the Edo Kiriko Cooperative can be named Edo Kiriko, and needless to say this is a genuine Edo Kiriko.
The size of each one is 2.8 x 6.2 x 3 inches and the capacity is 10.4oz, which is a little large for a sake cup, so it can also be used as a rock glass.
A pair of glasses with the same design but different colors, so it’s perfect as a wedding gift.

・ Blue glass sake set

A glass sake set with a beautiful deep blue color like the night sky.
Many glass sake sets are based on a colorless concept with colors and patterns here and there, so it is a simple but unusual design.
It is functionally simple and easy to use, so it can be used by men and women of all ages.
It is highly recommended if you want to give a gift but don’t know what the other person likes.


・ Sakura pattern frosted glass sake set (with tray)

A cute sake set with a cherry blossom pattern drawn on frosted glass.
Many glass liquor sets have cool colors and sharp designs, but the cherry blossoms drawn in pink and gold give a soft impression.
It also features a tray like a basket. This tray is also convenient for serving guests such as at home parties.
If you put it on a tray with a small bottle of sake, it will be more beautiful and will enhance the atmosphere. Please enjoy it with your favorite bottle of sake.



How was it?
Wine glasses are also easy and convenient, but all the glass sake sets made for sake are beautiful, so you can enjoy sake even more.
It is great as a gift as the recipient will rarely come across somebody with the same product, and it is guaranteed to make them smile.