How to look at labels so you never fail when selecting Japanese sake

When choosing Japanese sake, you must first look at the “label”. But there is a lot of information on these labels, and we are sure that you must get confused at times regarding what information to actually refer to.
There are many types of Japanese sake, but there are mainly two categories of flavor. One is […]

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Do you know what Japan’s “gengo” is? Gengo refers to a new emperor’s era name, and “Meiji”, “Showa”, and “Heisei” are some examples. This gengo will be renewed in May. The new gengo will be “Reiwa”, taken from Manyoushu, a collection of old Japanese poetry. The meaning of this name appears to have been explained […]

Sake Monthly Sale

Last month, we introduced an egg-shaped snack and sake with a rabbit theme in accordance with Easter. How was it? This month we will introduce standard sakes and an unusual sake for anyone who knows Gundam! We will also talk about sakes, snacks, and vessels, as well as recommended ways to drink them and snacks […]

What is Mino ware (yaki)?

This time we would like to feature a special pottery product that is found in various parts of Japan, mino ware (yaki)! I’m sure most of you have no idea what it is when you hear this word. As opposed to other pottery, mino ware does not have one specific style. Here we go!

History […]