Sake Monthly Sale

Last month, we introduced “gengo”. How was it? This month we will introduce Sake Brewer Comparison Set. You can drink various kinds of Sake!
We will also talk about sakes, snacks, and vessels, as well as recommended ways to drink them and snacks to match drinks!

Saketalk will start selling Japanese sake on a monthly basis […]

How many calories in Japanese sake and plum wine? How to drink without gaining weight!

Hi everyone! Japanese sake that is sweet and easy to drink has become mainstream recently, and there are more people that choose to drink Japanese sake.
But Japanese sake is made of rice and is sweet, possibly leaving many of you thinking that it may make you put on some extra pounds.
On top of that, plum […]

Sake Monthly Sale

Did you enjoy last month’s monthly special sale? We introduced various types of chocolate in accordance with Valentine’s Day, as well as sake with gilt. This month, we will introduce egg-shaped snacks to match with Easter as well as sake with a bunny theme! We will introduce sake and snacks, as well as sake vessels […]

Amazake (sweet sake)

It has gotten colder and we are nearing the end of the year. In Japan, people begin to drink amazake during events such as New Year’s and then Hina’s Festival.
It has fatigue restoring effect and prevents summer dullness, and was originally known to represent summer, but it is also good for beauty and excels in […]

Sake Monthly Sale

Did you enjoy selling last month’s monthly sale special? Last month we had a lineup characteristic drinks like plum wine, sparkling wine, and dassai. I think some of you even purchased all of them. In fact, it is difficult to choose among Japanese sake isn’t it, especially when you don’t have much experience with this […]

Saketalk will start selling Japanese sake on a monthly basis

Happy new year! I know this is abrupt, but is there anything you would like to start this year? For those of you who want to start drinking Japanese sake this year, want to start delving into the world of sake vessels, and who have not decided what to begin anew this year…saketalk supports all […]

Unorthodox at first glance – Japanese sake on the rocks

There are so many brands of Japanese sake. The taste varies a lot depending on what you choose, and the type of sake you like might be completely different from the others. Also, there is an unlimited number of ways to enjoy a type of sake by altering the temperature.

Many people actually think that you […]

Must-visits on a trip to Kyoto – 4 selected bars and cafés for good Japanese Sake

If you have come to Japan and are visiting Kyoto, you should enjoy and be immersed into the atmosphere unique to Japanese culture. On top of that, wouldn’t it be perfect if you can enjoy the great atmospheres of shops where you can taste good sake?

This time we’d like to introduce 4 selected sophisticated bars […]

Does French food go well with Japanese sake?

Every county has its own cuisine and its best match alcoholic drink, for example, wine with French food, Japanese sake with Japanese food, and Shaoxingjiu for Chinese food.
However, recently Japanese sake is gaining more and more reputation in France.

It is kind of a marriage of French food and Japanese sake. This combination is growingly imported […]


Hi everyone, have you heard of shiboritate? In our last article, we introduced hiyaoroshi, an autumn Japanese sake. While hiyaoroshi is usually found between September and November, a different Japanese sake can be enjoyed in the wintertime! Many of you must think of “atsukan” as the go-to winter Japanese sake – who doesn’t like […]