How many calories in Japanese sake and plum wine? How to drink without gaining weight!

Hi everyone! Japanese sake that is sweet and easy to drink has become mainstream recently, and there are more people that choose to drink Japanese sake.
But Japanese sake is made of rice and is sweet, possibly leaving many of you thinking that it may make you put on some extra pounds.
On top of that, plum […]

Amazake (sweet sake)

It has gotten colder and we are nearing the end of the year. In Japan, people begin to drink amazake during events such as New Year’s and then Hina’s Festival.
It has fatigue restoring effect and prevents summer dullness, and was originally known to represent summer, but it is also good for beauty and excels in […]

Unorthodox at first glance – Japanese sake on the rocks

There are so many brands of Japanese sake. The taste varies a lot depending on what you choose, and the type of sake you like might be completely different from the others. Also, there is an unlimited number of ways to enjoy a type of sake by altering the temperature.

Many people actually think that you […]

Must-visits on a trip to Kyoto – 4 selected bars and cafés for good Japanese Sake

If you have come to Japan and are visiting Kyoto, you should enjoy and be immersed into the atmosphere unique to Japanese culture. On top of that, wouldn’t it be perfect if you can enjoy the great atmospheres of shops where you can taste good sake?

This time we’d like to introduce 4 selected sophisticated bars […]

“Sake bomb” – The right way to drink and have fun while partying

When it comes to drinking, there are many ways to enjoy alcohol – drinking alone or quietly with your friends, to getting wild with others at a party.

For whatever reasons, most people think that Japanese sake must be enjoyed quietly and elegantly, but there is also a way to get a little wild while drinking […]

How to Drink Hirezake

For Sake lovers, we at Sake Talk have recently acquired a Hirezake set!

One of the ways to drink delicious Sake is Pufferfish Hirezake. We are sure there are many Sake lovers who have heard of Hirezake but have not actually drunk this type of Sake. Because the taste of Sake drastically changes for Hirezake, in […]

Want to drink delicious plum wine (Umeshu)?

When thinking of alcohol in Japan, most automatically think Sake but plum wine is an important Japanese alcoholic beverage as well. And the two are often mixed up, mistaken for one another. So, in this post, we will explore plum wine’s history and how it is made.

History of plum wine
How to make Umeshu

History […]

The autumn is the best season for Japanese Sake “Hiyaoroshi”

The autumn is the best season for Japanese Sake “Hiyaoroshi”

Do you know if Japanese Sake has the best season? We tend to think that Sake can be drunk all year round, but there are types of Japanese Sake that can be shipped only during “certain periods.”
This time we’d like to introduce the in-season Japanese Sake […]

How to Drink Sake in the Summer

How to Drink Sake in the Summer

In the summer, most of us want to drink a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Even for Sake, there are probably many who drink cold sake in the summer. However, because of Sake’s fundamental elements, no matter how cold the Sake is chilled, it cannot compete with the surge of exhilaration […]


If you have ever been to a small Izakaya (Sake bar in Japan) and ordered a glass of Sake, you might have seen a waiter giving you a Sake glass inside a square wooden box and pouring Sake until the Sake overflows and spills into the wooden box. That box is called Masu (枡). You might […]