Do you know Konnyaku?

What Japanese ingredient goes perfectly with Japanese sake??

Food called “konnyaku” is eaten throughout the country in Japan. This “konnyaku” is made from konnyaku potatoes, and originates from the Indochina Peninsula. It is said that it was transmitted to Japan during the Heian period. It is treated as a strange ingredient abroad. Foreigners who see konnyaku […]

Sake Monthly Sale

Did you enjoy selling last month’s monthly sale special? Last month we had a lineup characteristic drinks like plum wine, sparkling wine, and dassai. I think some of you even purchased all of them. In fact, it is difficult to choose among Japanese sake isn’t it, especially when you don’t have much experience with this […]

Saketalk will start selling Japanese sake on a monthly basis

Happy new year! I know this is abrupt, but is there anything you would like to start this year? For those of you who want to start drinking Japanese sake this year, want to start delving into the world of sake vessels, and who have not decided what to begin anew this year…saketalk supports all […]


SAKE fou Sushi

When asked “what is your favorite Japanese food?”, many will answer “sushi.” With so many sushi restaurants opening worldwide, we can safely say It is a Japanese culture accepted by many.

So, imagine eating delicious sushi and enjoying a tasty Sake…what a delightful combination! But among sushi, there are many types of sushi. So, […]


Is it difficult to make Japanese food at home?
To enjoy Sake deliciously at home, to “drink at home” happily, obviously our favorite bottle of Sake is necessary. However, imagine if we were able to prepare a snack, a Sake pairing appetizer, to complement the sake? Wouldn’t that be a perfect evening? It is easy to […]


We all know Sangria, wine infused delicious, juicy fruits. Sangria is popular in Japan as well, especially among women who favor its sweet flavor and cute appearance. But did you know it is possible to make Sangria with sake?
To make Sangria, the sweetness and acidity of the fruits used blends with the wine to produce […]


Snacks to Compliment Umami

Now that we know what umami is, most of us cannot wait to sample this umami rich sake. However, it would be advisable to know what foods or snacks compliment the umami sake. What types of food can be paired? Not just to enjoy the beverage, but by pairing the umami sake […]